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I might have a fraudulent order. What can I do?

Give the fraudulent order the thumbs down to help prevent future fraud.

If you think you have a fraudulent order, let us know about it by selecting the thumbs down icon. We’ll record the data, marking it as bad and use it for scoring future transactions.

Learn more about using the thumbs down feature.

If the fraudster returns to place another order with you, we'll flag the order on the dashboard. See the sample warning message below.

"Signifyd has seen 1 fraudulent order from xxxxx@gmail, out of 15 total".

I received a chargeback. What can I do?

Report your chargeback to Signifyd.

If you receive a chargeback on an order whether it was Guaranteed or not, let us know about it by selecting the Chargeback button

We'll record individuals (or data points such as a billing/delivery/IP address, phone number or email) that have been associated with a chargeback. Doing so benefits everyone in the Signifyd network:

Improves Signifyd score for merchants

Shares the data with every merchant on our platform

We'll flag your future orders if it contains a fraudulent data point, such as an email address. See the sample warning message below.

"Signifyd has seen 1 chargeback from, out of 15 total".

How do I get reimbursed for a chargeback on a Guaranteed Order?

Customers receive fraud-related chargebacks from time to time. If you receive an eligible chargeback on a guaranteed order, please use the following steps to submit your chargeback claim and receive your chargeback reimbursement.

Submitting a Chargeback Claim

  1. Locate the appropriate case within your Signifyd Dashboard and select theChargeback button.

  2. You will be prompted to provide the following chargeback details. If you are unable to provide this information at one time, click the I'll do this later link. Make sure to go back and upload the required information by clicking the Chargeback button. Your chargeback claim will be processed after all information is submitted and verified.
  3. If you don't have a PayPal email address or if you have a specific question or comment, please use the Comments section. Our claims analysts will review and get back to you if we have any questions.
  4. If you didn't provide the chargeback information at one time, look for an orangechargeback button indicating there is pending documentation to be provided. Your chargeback claim will be processed after all information is submitted and verified.
  5. When you have provided all chargeback information, click Submit.
  6. You will see a confirmation message on the top right, "Chargeback successfully submitted!". A support ticket is automatically created on your behalf which you will receive a copy of so we can communicate with you should we need more information or to let you know that your claim has been processed.

How long does it take to process a chargeback reimbursement?


Once the chargeback submission process is completed, you will receive an email Expect to receive your reimbursement within 48 business hours for the following:


chargeback amount


chargeback fees**


processing fees**


I received a fraud chargeback on a Guaranteed order but the package was rerouted. Is it eligible for reimbursement?


Guarantee decisions are made using the information passed from the merchant to Signifyd. When Signifyd guarantees an order, the information contained in the platform is binding.

If order information is altered or a ship-to/delivery address changes from what Signifyd guaranteed, this new information must be added to the notes section of the case and sent for re-review. 

Otherwise, all the information passed must remain the same for the Guarantee to stay in effect. This includes delivery address, billing address, phone number, email, IP address, BIN, etc.

Note that orders may be submitted for Guarantee a total of two times. Click here to learn how to resubmit a Guarantee.


How do I protect myself from package rerouting?


We have seen orders to legitimate delivery addresses being rerouted to a different address after Guarantee. This is a common scheme by fraudsters requesting that the merchandise be shipped to one address then changing it to another while the merchandise is in transit. 

Guarantee decisions are made using the information passed from the merchant to Signifyd. If order information is altered, such as the ship-to/delivery address, from what Signifyd guaranteed, this disqualifies the order from reimbursement should a chargeback occur. 

To protect yourself, make sure that your shipping company only delivers to the original shipping address and provides you with a proof of delivery. Also make sure that package rerouting is disabled on your merchant account. 


Where can I learn more about chargebacks?

Learn the Basics of Chargebacks. This Signifyd article covers what a chargeback is, what the process looks like, how to manage them and lastly, how to avoid chargebacks and those pesky chargeback fees!


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