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Test Teams


  • What is a test team?
    • When creating a team you can now designate if the team is for a test website. Test teams allow you to create test orders to test your stores integration with Signifyd. 

      It allows you to test for things such as:

      • The creation of a case in Signifyd upon order capture from your e-commerce platform. 
      • Order fulfillment and processing based on Signifyd's score using our webhooks. 

      While test orders will never be deleted from Signifyd, they also will never be included within a merchant's history of real orders. Test orders are for testing and playing in the Signifyd console, and will never impact real orders. 

      Test teams function the same as real teams except for the following: 

      • Dummy scores are provided for testing purposes only
      • Test guarantees are not provided or covered by Signifyd
      • There are no charges or fees associated with test orders

      You should only send test orders through your test team. Live orders should be sent through non-test (regular) teams. Live (production) stores should not send test orders to non-test (regular) teams. 

  • How do I create a test team?
    • Test teams are created in the same place as regular teams. They can be found in settings under the 'team' tab. Simply give your team a name, select the 'test team' checkbox, and press the green checkmark to create a test team. A "test" icon distinguishes your test teams versus your non-test teams. 

      1. Create a Test Team

            2. View your Test Teams

  • Can I submit an order for guarantee on a test team?
    • No, we currently do not allow for guarantees to be submitted through test teams.  
  • Can I delete a test team?
    • Like any other team, only an owner or an admin can delete a test team. Once a test team is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Like a regular team, all deletions are permanent. 
  • Can I convert a test team to a non-test team?
    • Non-test (regular) teams cannot be converted to test teams, and test teams cannot be converted to regular, non-test teams. 
  • Can I convert from a trial to a paid account with just a test team?
    • Once you have signed up for a paid account you must create a new team to begin using Signifyd. Test teams provide dummy scores for testing purposes and should not be used for live orders. 
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